Monday, September 20, 2010

Showers have come and gone, now we're waiting on Bentley!

I had my shower in NH Sept 12th, exactly a year (to the day!) after my bridal shower. We had a great turn out and it was so awesome to see everyone who came. Thanks to my mom for throwing it! Here are some pictures :)

The cake made my Auntie Jennie:

Favors made by Grana:

All the gifts, Thanks everyone!!

Quilt made by his great-grammy:

His bedding that my mom got for him (I LOVE IT!!)

His first pair of Carhartt's, just like daddy!

Aaand, Aunt Candy thought we were having a girl! Lol

Amazing mobile that Tara made and sent up to NH!

Diaper cake! (not with diapers though since we're cloth diapering)

And onto his room...

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